CPAT (Candidate Physical Agility Test)

The Treasure Valley Fire Cooperative will be holding an Invitation Only CPAT to those applicants that meet the minimum, Cooperative set, written testing score.  All individuals who have taken a written test through NTN, or who plan on testing, are invited to partake in the CPAT orientation and practice sessions.  Orientation and practice sessions are voluntary, and you do not have to attend them in order to be invited to the CPAT.

Participation in the Orienation and or Practice sessions does not guarantee you will be invited to partake in the CPAT.  CPAT invitation will be based on a minimum written testing score that is set at a later date by The Cooperative.

Orientation, Practice and CPAT Schedule

Orientation - TBD (Voluntary)

Practice Session #1 - TBD (Voluntary)

Practice Session #2 - TBD (Voluntary)

CPAT - TBD (Invitation Only)     

Photo ID is required for all CPAT activities.

Orientation, Practice Sessions and CPAT will be held at:
Nampa Fire Training Facility
300 W. Railroad St.
Nampa, ID 83687


I completed and passed a CPAT 6 months ago.  Am I required to complete your CPAT? 

As long as your CPAT was an IAFF certified or NTN CPAT, we will accept it if it was completed within one year of our invitation CPAT.

What is the fee for your CPAT, Orientation, and Practice Sessions?

Our CPAT and the proceeding preparatory sessions are free of charge.

What does your CPAT Test consist of?

Visit this link to NTN's website to view and instructional video on what will take place during our CPAT.

Is your CPAT IAFF Certified?


What apparel is allowed during CPAT activities?

Those individuals participating in CPAT activities must wear pants.  No shorts allowed.   Tennis shoes is the recommended footwear, and open toed shoes are not allowed.  Jewelry and watches are also prohibited.