I am currently taking courses to complete my EMT/ Paramedic certification.  Can I still take the written test?
You can take the written test, however you must have your EMT certification by testing cutoff date in order to be further considered for a trainee position.
Where can I complete my EMT certification in the Treasure Valley?
Below is a list of local EMT programs.  The Treasure Valley Fire Cooperative does not endorse or suggest any of these programs over the other.  This list is provided as informational only.  Be sure to research each program to determine what is the best fit for you.
CWI - College of Western Idaho -   http://cwidaho.cc/program/emergency-medical-technician-emt
TVCC - Treasure Valley Community College -  http://www.tvcc.cc/
Emergency Medicine Academy -  http://emergencyacademy.com/
How long does it take to get an EMT certification?  Will I have time to get it before written test scores are pulled?
Each EMT program is different, and some schools offer fast track options.  Visit EMT program websites to see what they offer to determine what best fits your needs.
The PHQ (Personal History Questionnaire) is really long, is it required to be filled out?
Yes.  To be considered for a trainee position, you must fill out the PHQ.
Does the Treasure Valley Fire Cooperative require my PHQ be notarized?
My combined score is not an average accross all categories.  Why is this the case?
The combined score is a weighted combination of the 4 categories which applicants test on.  Score weighting is subject to change.
What is the cutoff score to move on in the process?
The cut off score will be determined by the number of combined department vacancies vs. the number of test scores received.  While the test score plays a significant role when profiles are being reviewed, it is not the only factor.  Other considerations are college education, NTN dimension ratings, and previous firefighting experience.
How can I prepare for the written test?
National Testing Network offers practice testing opportunities.  To get more information on practice tests, please visit NTN's website .  
For detailed CPAT information, please see our CPAT page.  https://tvfcidaho.com/cpat
I already have my Firefighter 1 certification.  Am I still required to go through your Joint Academy?
I see you have a Minnimum age for hiring, do you have a Maximum age?
I completed my written testing and PHQ through NTN.  Is there a City or Department specific application that I need to fill out?
At this point in the process, there is not a required application to fill out.
Do you apply Veterans points?
Yes.  The Cooperative will ask for documentation for verification purposes.  You will be contacted by the Cooperative when the documentation is needed.
How do I set up a ride along?
If you are interested in doing a ride along, please contact the department(s) you would like to ride with to find out what their individual process is. Candidates whom are moving on in the testing process are not permitted to ride once test scores have been pulled.